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What can we do to make our city more inclusive?

Smiley Talk

Societal division and hate crime are rising at an alarming rate. Local refugees have shared the negative impact it is having on their lives. It is imperative that connections across our community are strengthened and inclusivity enhanced. ​Join us and Ambigo -two organisations dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion - for an event to discuss this issue and to inspire positive action. This open event, with a focus on Brighton & Hove, will bring together refugees, charities, council members, other organisations and individuals from the wider local community. It will be highly interactive with three main elements:
  1. Keynote Speakers​ - A speech on the reality of being a refugee in Brighton & Hove and what changes they would like to see in our community. A speech from another key ambassador on what is being done and what ​more ​needs to be done
  2. Panel discussion​ - This will raise awareness of the impact of people displacement and discuss ways people and organisations can work together to make Brighton & Hove and others a more inclusive community
  3. Ambigo’s ​‘Ambition Ignition’​- A fun and inclusive networking workshop to help empower each participant to make their goals, ideas and ambitions happen. These goals can pertain to ideas around improving inclusivity and/or a personal aim the individual has
  • 18:00 - Keynote by a refugee
  • 18:30-19:15 - Panel discussion involving refugees, leading Brighton non-profits, key council member and other key stakeholders in this space;
  • 19:15-19:20 - Break
  • 19:20-20:45- Ambigo workshop
  • 20:45-20:50- Event round up
  • 20:50-21:15- Networking
Ambigo ​(CIC) delivers ​fun community networking events.​ We bring people together from diverse backgrounds to support each other’s goals, ideas and ambitions. Our activities strengthen community cohesion and help people closer to personal fulfilment.
Please note exact venue location - TBC

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Christina Medici

Head of Global Partnerships
at Smiley Movement (CIC)
  • Interests: Gender Equality
  • Offers: Business Development
  • Needs: Writing & Journalism

rob rob

at test
  • Interests: Climate Action
  • Needs: a few hours a month

Barry Woodhall

at Moken
  • Offers: Digital Marketing
  • Needs: a few hours a year

Adam Bates

Executive Director
at Ambigo CIC
  • Offers: Writing & Journalism
  • Needs: Corporate Giving

Theo Coyne

Head of Marketing and Events
at Smiley Movement
  • Offers: Marketing

Luke Shepherd

Project Manager
  • Interests: No Poverty
  • Offers: Branding
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