3 foodie do-good businesses that caught our eye

Each week, we round up the businesses putting out good into the world – and what exactly that good looks like.

Up this week, we have yummy treats with deep pockets, every child’s favourite condiment helping the planet, and the cookie dough that supports women in recovery.

It’s nearly December, so let’s get spending – for good.


Fudge Kitchen makes fancy, artisanal fudges (and a fudge sauce that looks to die for), who are making their name by giving back. So far this year, they’ve raised over £10,000 for various UK charities after partnering with B1G1, the social enterprise encouraging a global business-giving movement.

As well as raising money to support people in Ukraine and Pakistan, Fudge Kitchen have provided clean water and energy to disadvantaged areas, planted sustainably managed trees to combat deforestation, fed rescued wildlife in Australia, and so much more!


Heinz has spent an immense 185,000 hours of product development and $1.2 million in investment to redesign the lids of their squeezy ketchup bottles. After 45 different versions, the company has finally come out with a version that is just as useful, but far easier to recycle.

While the old lid was made with hard plastic and silicone, which must be recycled independently, but are difficult to separate, this new lid is all made of the same material. This makes it much easier to recycle, and much better for the environment overall!


Doughp sells cookie dough in a bunch of different formats (though all delicious) and was founded by Kelsey Moreira (pictured). Kelsey worked in tech but, after getting sober in 2015, decided to focus on her love of baking and all things sweet, and Doughp was born!

A portion of all of Doughp’s sales is donated to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation, which is a non-profit with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. So far, Doughp has donated over $60,000 to SHE RECOVERS and has designed the Doughp workplace to be completely recovery friendly, for all of its employees. We love to see it.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Responsible Consumption and Production.