Selfless woman leaves stars for strangers

Small, kind gestures can make a huge difference to someone’s day – whether that’s a smile to a stranger, offering to carry someone’s bag, or letting someone know you’re there for them.

Chloe Anderson, 21, from Wrexham, decided to do just that when she took up crocheting recently, after needing something to keep her mind busy. “I struggle with my mental health,” she says, “it hit me hard during lockdowns and I’ve tried a number of things to keep myself grounded.”

Crocheting is something that can put her mind at ease, she says, and she’s quickly started enjoying all the different things she can make. One of those was a crochet star, which she decided to create, and leave out for strangers, to make them smile.

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“It took me a while to come up with the fallen star idea, but I thought it would be a perfect creation,” she says. “Small enough that it wouldn’t get damaged but bright enough for people to see where they’ve been hidden.”

When starting these little stars, Chloe says she hoped that a few people would find them and it would brighten their day somewhat. “After everything we’ve been through this past year, I wanted to do something that would bring a smile to people’s faces and boost morale,” she says. 

Chloe made a batch of stars, and has left them in various locations such as shops in Wrexham and Chester, as well as in the streets. “My family and friends have supported me with the distribution of the stars,” she says. 

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“I am making a lot more to be sent out and left for people to find. I’m also making other creations alongside the stars, such as rainbows and little creatures/animals which will also be sent out to find new homes.”

The star was shared in the Random Acts of Crochet Kindness Facebook group. Find more creations here