Empowering women

Veronica D’Souza is a social entrepreneur with heart and soul who strongly believes in using innovative business solutions to improve the world. In 2011, she co-founded Ruby Cup, which addresses the lack of affordable menstrual hygiene products for women and girls in poverty.

Since then she has been recognized as a ‘Global Shaper’ by the World Economic Forum and was designated as the youngest jury member at INDEX, an award honoring the best sustainable, life-improving designs. With an educational background in international business, politics, languages and culture, she founded CARCEL in 2016, a Copenhagen-based fashion label whose products are produced by women in prison and made from 100% natural materials.

“I believe in the power of sustainable business models to address societal challenges and scale these solutions. There is something very dignifying in seeing people as resourceful rather than as victims that need help. It is also my belief that if you provide opportunities for women, you help the entire family”