‘Help-yourself’ wreath thanks milkman and drivers

We could all use some Christmas cheer at the moment, and it’s the perfect time of year to give back and truly appreciate those who have helped us get through the year.  

One woman decided to do something different, as a kind gesture to people who have been delivering post, goods, parcels and food to her house during the pandemic. 

Danielle, 35, lives in Hertfordshire, and created an extra special Christmas wreath, made out of cardboard with chocolates stuck on, and a huge gold bow. 

The wreath features a note, saying: “To our lovely postie, milkman, newspaper girl, delivery drivers… THANK you and merry christmas! Please help yourself.”

“I decided to make a wreath for the outside of our front door this Christmas,” she tells Smiley News. “When we were little my mum used to make us lovely ones using Quality Street, and I thought it would be nice to revisit tradition and try making one of those.”

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Danielle continues: “I thought it could be nice to add a note on it for all the posties / delivery drivers / milkmen / newspaper delivery team, that have helped us this year, and to let them know they could help themselves to a treat every time they come past, just as a little thank you from us. 

“We’ve had a really nice response to it. Lots of people have commented on it being a lovely thing to offer, although it really is only the tiniest gesture! 

“They’ve all been brilliant this year. There are quite a few of the chocolates left… I think they’re pacing themselves! But I’ll keep re-filling them!” 

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Since sharing a photo of the Christmas wreath on Twitter, Danielle had a very positive response.

One person said: “Fab idea – I’m sure that will be appreciated by your delivery crews.” Another simply added: “This is amazing!”

Someone else commented: “Brilliant idea Danielle. Do post an updated pic of which one gets left. My moneys on strawberry cream.”

Ricky Boleto shared the photo of the Christmas wreath, and said: “Absolutely love this idea. For all the delivery men and women, take a sweet.”

Meanwhile, the international parcel delivery service, DPD, also added their thanks and appreciation for Danielle’s efforts. 

You can check out Danielle’s post for yourself on Twitter