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Make a difference with a climate café

Words by Amy Packham

Have you ever thought about hosting your own climate café?

In a bid to combat the increasing rates of eco-anxiety, Force of Nature – a nonprofit that aims to mobilise mindsets for climate action – is hosting climate cafés: safe spaces to navigate difficult conversations, and turn eco-anxiety into action.

Founded by Clover Hogan, Force of Nature wants to enable young people to take action in their own ways. With research by the nonprofit showing that 70% of young people are eco-anxious and 56% feel that humanity is doomed, they believe climate cafés can be a tool to help people navigate this fear. 

So what actually is a climate café?

They’re community-organised spaces for people to have open yet structured conversations about how to navigate difficult climate emotions, and translate these feelings into action.

Force of Nature has launched a free resource to help people host their own climate café; featuring a step-by-step plan.

They’re looking for young people to host these cafés. “We will provide you with an instruction guide on setting up a café, and support bringing it to life,” they say. 

What’s needed for a climate café?

  • A venue to host the climate café (this could be an existing café, shop, community space, or even someone’s living room).
  • Seats and tables.
  • Hot drinks and snacks (e.g. biscuits).
  • Clarity on who you want to participate in your climate café. This could be friends or strangers off the street; other young people or an intergenerational audience.
  • A readiness to facilitate climate conversations. It’s up to you how long you run the café for; it could be one day or it could be for two weeks.

How are they helping?

Force of Nature is also offering micro grants to young people who want to host a climate café but face financial barriers. 

“The micro-grants are up to £150 and will prioritise cafés that are reaching groups often left out of climate conversations and for those who are most affected by the climate crisis,” they say.  

You will receive more information about the grants and how to apply once you've submitted your interest to host a café.

To find out more information about holding a climate café, visit:

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