School bus to tour UK tackling mental health issues

Offering well-needed respite from the trials of Covid-19, a glorious yellow school bus converted by community interest company The Heart Movement is touring the UK, tackling mental health issues in the population. 

Stepping into the Heart Bus’s welcoming interior, community members can access free mindfulness training, heart intelligence sessions and a listening space accompanied with a warming mug of tea or soup. To spread the benefits and broaden access to wellbeing tools, the bus will visit health centres, universities, charities, events, communities and town centres. 

“The impact of Covid-19 on mental health has been severe, but we’re unlikely to be able to measure its impact on society for generations. It’s a huge task and a massive vision, but our Heart Bus is going to take help and support to the places it’s needed most,” said Ri Ferrier, managing director of Heart Based Living Initiative. 


Help get the wellbeing bus on the road

The bus is set to hit the road, but The Heart Movement still requires funding to staff it and provide visitors with support. They have launched an Indiegogo fundraiser, which they hope will secure an additional £90,000 to finalise the national tour of the Heart Bus, kicking off in May 2021.

“We’ve already funded an iconic American Bus, but we need your support to fill it with a great selection of tea and soup, experienced mindfulness teachers, and the biofeedback devices that will prove beyond doubt its efficacy and benefits,” explained Ri.

“These amazing little devices can measure the impact of our mindfulness sessions for individuals, groups and even local communities. They show in real time that when we cultivate emotions of appreciation, love, and compassion our heart rhythms become more coherent or consistent.  We have always believed in the benefits of mindfulness – it is amazing to have the scientific proof to back it up.” 

Rollin McCraty, director of research at the Institute of HeartMath added: “Studies with many thousands of people have shown that accessing the intelligence of our heart can make a significant improvement to our mental health and wellbeing. I am delighted that The Heart Movement is taking our scientifically validated technology, tools and techniques out across the UK and offering this for free, during these difficult times.”

Ri continued: “We want to connect with as many diverse groups as possible. The more backing we get, the more towns and cities we can visit, and the more lives we can bring calmness, connection, and wellbeing to. And as we expand the road tour to touch as many lives as we can, we are asking for pledges to the Heart Bus crowdfunding campaign to support the greatest and most heartfelt road trip ever attempted.”

To help offer people across the country free mental health provisions and put the Heart Bus on the road, donate to their fundraiser here.

For more information about the Heart Bus, visit The Heart Movement website.