These businesses love dogs, people and planet

It’s time for our weekly business roundup and, this week, it’s all about pooches! We love pups, and so do these businesses – so if you have a dog of your own (or you’re just considering it) these are some need-to-know businesses. 


Woofz is an app that helps owners train their dogs – especially helpful for those families who are struggling with the behaviour of a rescue dog. Woofz is all about helping humans and pups connect, so we can understand the needs of our furry friends better, as well as what to do to make them more comfortable.

Woofz recently collaborated with Ukrainian charity Happy Paw, which cares for homeless pets in Ukraine. The Woofz app was made free for dog owners in Ukraine due to difficulties with transportation and anxiety, to make it easier for pooches and their families to travel – but also to help shelters comfort dogs that have lost their owners. There is a course that provides all of this and more to people in Ukraine – as well as an option to be able to donate to Happy Paw through the app.


Duerr’s is a family-owned business from Manchester with an incredible legacy – and just a few years ago they launched Peamutt Butter! Peamutt Butter is dog-friendly peanut butter, born from their family dog’s love for the stuff (and we can’t blame them – yum!).

But Duerr’s don’t just love dogs, they love people too – that’s why they set up The Duerr’s Foundation which is dedicated to giving back to worthy causes, whether through monetary gifting or product donations from their extensive range of jams, marmalades, peanut butters and condiments.


Pooch and Mutt are a health food company – whose food happens to be tailored to dogs. They put pups before profit, by tailoring their foods and supplements to a dog’s diet, and without padding it with unnecessary nasties to make a quick buck.

Pooch and Mutt are the first pet food brand to use sugarcane as a raw material in packaging, to make them good for the planet, as well as the pups that live upon it. They have been awarded Ethical Accreditation by The Ethical Companies Organisation every year for over a decade, and have pledged to have all of their products in recyclable packaging by 2025 – and they’re doing so well already! 

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