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Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope CIC was set up in response to the growing number of people using A&E who had made or were thinking of making a suicide attempt. In particular, the project sets out to work with those who are not eligible for other support services.
London, United Kingdom


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We're seeking

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Financial Support


We are looking for any financial support, from donations to crowdfunding, grants and investment.


Web Development

We would like to create an online presence.


a few hours a week

This is a volunteer led project and we need people willing to be trained to support clients as well as help with the day to day running of the project.


Business Development

The project is at a stage where it needs to expand and scale up. We need support and resources to help us do this.



We need to secure funds to ensure we can continue to support those who need our help.



Clincial supervision for volunteers working with vulnerable adults.



We would like to create a recognisable, friendly and nurturing brand style.

How we're creating Positive change

3 Steps for change
Step 1

Secure funding

Creating awareness through:

Step 2

Expand team of volunteers

Creating awareness through:

Step 3

Scale project out

Creating awareness through:

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