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Combating child malnutrition in Nepal

Screening and treating Nepal's high levels of children suffering with malnutrition so that no child need die because of the issues it can cause. We are also educating caregivers on how to feed their children a nutritionally balanced diet and how to follow hygiene guidelines (e.g. washing hands) to stop it in its tracks. Examples of this is that we train caregivers to feed their new born babies breast milk as opposed to tea and make them aware of the benefits of washing hands and dishes so that their children do not face bouts of dysentery. This can lead to the child picking up infections which they then can sadly die from.
Kathmandu, Nepal
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Zero Hunger
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How we're creating Positive change

2 Steps for change
Step 1

Establish more funds.

Creating awareness through:

Step 2

Run more Nutrition Outreach Camps in rural locations so we can treat and screen more children and train more caregivers.

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Published: 06-04-20

Our Nutrition Programme

Watch this short film to understand how our Nutrition Programme works.


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