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A route-planning app that finds the safest route from A to B thanks to users' ratings of how safe they felt on each road. Users can rate roads for how safe they felt and at what time. Out of five for how safe they felt, box for written explanation, and notes for council – if they felt unsafe, why? Like google maps, the app will find a route for you but you can choose for it to be based on how safe people felt on it. People have to sign up through a facebook, insta or twitter account which is checked to be a real account.
London, United Kingdom


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What legal issues are there for an app like this? Is there a reason an app like this doesn't exist already?


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App Development

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Step 1

Find out if there are legal problems for the app

Creating awareness through:

Step 2

Find out if there is a reason this kind of app doesn't exist already

Creating awareness through:

Step 3

Start developing the app

Creating awareness through:

Step 4

Start designing the app

Creating awareness through:

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