We created the innovation award to help give life to a disruptive and inspiring project whose purpose is to create positive social or environmental change. We will award 2 prizes to the best projects across charities and social enterprises(£25,000 for the winner and £7,500 for the runner up)

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be a UK registered charity or social enterprise
  • Must have an annual turnover < £10 million
  • Project should be UK-based
  • Project should align with one of the 17 UN’ Sustainable Goals

What you'll need to apply

  • Name and location of the project
  • Short text about
    • Who you are (100 words)
    • What issue you are trying to solve (500 words)
    • What your end goa isl / What would success look like? Please share quantifiable success metrics (500 words)
    • How you will measure that impact (200 words)
  • Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) of 2020 your project aligns with
  • A photo to illustrate your project
  • 1-2 min video (published online) presenting your project and your organisation
  • One-page formal proposal of how you would bring your project to life with the award prize, and the impact you expect it will have
  • One-page report of the key success metrics you have defined and the method you will be using to measure impact

We will also ask you a few questions regarding the different steps you believe are needed to reach your goals (fundraising, building network, creating a website, …) and the kind of support you need, based on the Theory of Change framework (you can learn more about it here)

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