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Climate Positive - On the Road to Zero Emissions

Smiley Talk

2019 was a record year for public interest in Climate Change. Environmental activists and celebrity campaigners took a stand and demanded emergency Climate Action from global decision makers.

Sir David Attenborough captivated millions with his eye-opening BBC documentaries showing shocking footage of humans’ devastating contribution to global warming.

A-listers DiCaprio, Cumberbatch were amongst big names that lead Climate Action campaigns around the world, including the controversial Extinction Rebellion. But what captured hearts and minds around the world was a single teenage activist from Sweden who rallied millions of protesters to speak up about their unacceptance of the current status-quo, demanding authorities take action now to protect what natural resources are left for their future. This is Greta Thunbergs’ legacy.

Echoing this, we believe that a lot of small somethings can change everything and campaigning to promote grassroots environmental activism in the UK.

We’ve teamed up with The Climate Coalition - the UK's largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change, to stand up and be counted.

To kick-off our 2020 Smiley TALKs, we’re hosting an event dedicated to ‘Climate Positive’
- a term coined by IKEA to inspire action towards achieving a low-carbon society, and an optimistic outlook we choose to adopt about the future of our planet.

This is our second Smiley TALK linked to UN Goal 13 (Climate Action) following our Circular Economy event in Brighton in November 2019, and part of our ongoing #FaceTheFutureSmiling campaign.

  • 6pm- 6.30pm Registration 
  • 6.30pm- 6.40pm - Introduction to Smiley TALKS
  • 6.40pm- 7.10 pm- Opening Speech by The Climate Coalition Director – Clara Goldsmith & Keynote
  • 7.10pm- 8.20pm- Moderated Panel discussion & Audience Q&A
  • 8.20pm -8.25pm- Break
  • 8.25pm- 8.55pm Climate Action Workshop 
  • 8.55pm – 9pm - Closing Remarks & Calls to Action 
  • 9pm- 10pm -Networking session & refreshments 
  • 10pm Event Ends
  • Curated discussion showcasing the impact of Environmental Sustainability initiatives in Business, grassroots projects and individual activism from a cross-sector of experts;
  • Focus is on debunking climate change myths, outlining solutions and positive steps we can all take to tackle Climate Change, promoting calls-to-action we can start taking now.

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Christina Medici

Head of Global Partnerships
at Smiley Movement (CIC)
  • Interests: Gender Equality
  • Offers: Business Development
  • Needs: Writing & Journalism
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