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The Art and Science of Happiness

Smiley Talk

“Our very purpose in life is to seek happiness” according to the Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. In his book ‘The Art of Happiness’ he illustrates how all humans have the ability to be kind and a ‘happiness state of mind’ can be cultivated to improve mental wellbeing and find inner peace. Others see happiness as a Science that can be trained through proven techniques, or an Architecture that can structured by design. One thing we all agree on is the belief that everyone shares the right to happiness, and its pursuit adds purpose and meaning to life.

Amen to that. The notion of spreading happiness and positivity in the world has been part of our legacy for the last 50 years and something we at Smiley Movement take very seriously. and will be sharing a variety of science-based techniques we can all make room for in our lives.

Our mission for this special Smiley TALK is to team up with Happiness specialists from different walks of life to share evidence about the purpose and fulfilment happiness brings to life, why getting in the habit of feeling happy is important for our wellbeing and what we can do to achieve it. We will look at the role of positive psychology at home, in schools, at work and in the community, share tips for defeating stress and anxiety and inspire positive changes in attitudes towards ourselves and people around us.

Don’t miss this free event on Wednesday 6th May at 6pm at Candid Arts Trust in London and join the #HappinessRevolution’.   AGENDA:
  • 6pm- 6.35pm Registration
  • 6.35pm- 6.40pm - Introduction to Smiley TALKS (5 mins)
  • 6.40pm-7.10pm- Opening Speech & keynote (30 mins)
  • 7.10pm- 8.10pm- Moderated Panel discussion & Audience Q&A (1 hour)
  • 8.10pm- 8.55pm Happiness Workshop
  • 8.55pm – 9pm - Closing Remarks & Calls to Action
  • 9pm- 10pm -Networking session & refreshments
  • 10pm Event Ends

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Lara Rathod

Moderator, Speaker, Facilitator, Creator & Host of the Red Sofa Conversations

Lara Rathod

Lara uses her voice to empower and uplift others as an authentic engaging speaker, facilitator, content creator and voice-over artist.

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Christina Medici

Head of Global Partnerships
at Smiley Movement (CIC)
  • Interests: Gender Equality
  • Offers: Business Development
  • Needs: Writing & Journalism

Rachel Yu

Partnership & Events Coordinator
at Smiley Movement
  • Interests: Climate Action
  • Offers: Project Management
  • Needs: Strategy Consulting
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