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12 businesses that plant trees

Words by Abi Scaife

We all know trees are a hugely important part of our ecosystem - in fact, Smiley News has written about their benefits several times.

That’s why we’re taking a moment to highlight some businesses that share that same value system. All of the businesses on this list have a system to plant trees so that you can be sure your money is going towards something good.


Masters of mixology, The Alchemist, are giving back in so many ways it’s hard to keep track - including by planting trees.

So far they have planted 269,253 trees using a 25p donation for every Marmalde Spritz cocktail sold - and all that on top of being a carbon neutral company!


Go For Green UK is a business centred around finding greener ways to do things for the hospitality industry. Their motto is "there's usually a green way, let's find it together."

They are indexed to the non-profit Eden Reforestation Project. For every order received, they plant a tree to offset the carbon emissions involved in processing and delivering the order. As this article is written, they are up to 7536.


Ethical Schoolwear is an online shop, offering plain and embroidered school uniforms, and only sells items that have been produced by B Corp-certified suppliers, which is pretty cool. They have pledged to plant a tree for each sale - and, even better, the trees can be named by the customers.

They are hoping to create more ‘nature highways’ by planting trees and hedgerows, to help give back to our planet.


EcoSend are a climate conscious eco-marketing platform. It’s a little known fact that sending emails generates carbon - by processing, sending, receiving, and storing contents. Eco Send is on a mission to change that, by planting trees for every month that a user is subscribe to their system.


This one is a little different - but still great! Treedom allows you to buy a tree to be planted somewhere else in at the touch of the button. Treedom shows you the type of tree, its carbon impact, and even its social impact so you can choose the right tree for you!

Through Treedom, over 3.5 million trees have been planted worldwide. With over 217,000 farmers in the community who benefit directly from the projects, trees can provide more than just carbon reduction.


Circular Computing is an IT company with a difference - they are all about sustainability! Rooted in the circular economy they e-manufacture IT equipment to prevent e-waste and plant 5 trees for every laptop sold. That’s a pretty amazing number.

Plus, 99% of the materials they use are re-used meaning the growing problem of e-waste is addressed.

Plus, they’re a Carbon Neutral Plus certified company, with a huge number of other sustainability initiatives - so you can be your best techy self, without sacrificing the planet at the same time.


Not Just Travel's homeworking travel consultants are engaged in the company's Climate Heroes project, which has partnered with rewilding specialists Mossy Earth to become one of their biggest corporate partners. Together, they are helping to reforest both the Scottish Highlands and marine forests off Portugal's coast.

So far, over 25,000 trees have been planted thanks to this partnership.


Aarabhi London, founded by Aarabhi Sivaraman, is an embroidered fashion brand that not only brings beautiful pieces to life but also plants one tree for every order.

In the interest of sustainability, Aarabhi London only has two small, carefully curated collections designed each year, and manufactured by hand by artisans in Delhi. They have also partnered with global non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted. So for every order placed, it means another tree planted.


A debit card that gives back, Twig is one for those who spend a lot - and want to do it in the name of the planet.

For those using the Twig app, you can log in to Twig, name your virtual forest and get planting. For every tree planted in the app, Twig plants one for you in some of the most threatened natural ecosystems on our planet. 

To get started, Twig gifts one tree to every user who newly registers to the app and plants three trees for every item cashout that Twig users complete. Users create their own virtual forests and trees are planted in Haiti or Uganda. 


Ethosa is a sustainable waterless personal care brand on a mission to reinvent the shower category with products in powder format that are reactivated at home with tap water. It’s a pretty amazing premise - and it’s even more amazing for the planet.

And now, Ethosa plants one tree for every order - we love it.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Climate Action.

This article aligns with the following UN SDGs

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