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A platform for change

The Ruth Ellis Center gives a home to LGBTQ+ people in need

The Ruth Ellis Clairmont Center has been a home for LGBTQ+ people in an evolving and changing political climate.

UpCircle's moisturising cream

The skincare company that will save the world

It’s that time of the week when we feature businesses that are giving back – whether that’s to the planet or their community, we’re excited to share it all!

From rescue dog to service dog

Six clever pups have graduated from rescue pooch to lifesaving assistance dog!

‘Conversations can change people’s lives’

We all have mental health, and – according to OurWorldinData – just over 10 percent of all people, or 792 million […]

Introducing ‘Solar Punk’ activism

Two artists are unveiling an ingenious way to save on energy costs in London.

Meet ‘Plastic Man’: an environmental activist from Senegal

One man is raising awareness about just how badly plastic is affecting our world – in quite a unique way.

Image of Notpla's Ooho product. Cr. David Lineton/Notpla

5 Earthshot winners who scooped £1m

The Earthshot Prize is part of a global challenge to encourage innovative ideas to help repair, restore and protect our environment.