Smiley Movement

A platform for change

Seed sharing is the way forward

It’s the new way to help your community during the cost of living crisis.

85-year-old stars in Adidas campaign – for charity

This 85 year-old is making history as she stars in Adidas’ latest campaign video.

An Illinois coffee company helps former prisoners find work

I Have a Bean has two goals in mind, making good coffee, and helping formerly incarcerated people get off their feet.

Washington helps homeless students find housing

Washington state has a bill that helps at-risk youth find funding for housing.

LGBTQ+ advocate inspired to give back thanks to niece

After learning her niece was afraid to come out to her she changed her whole life around.

Hairdressers are being trained to talk about climate action

Hairdressers are being trained on how to talk to their clients about climate change.

Free (and cheap) meals for kids during Easter

A new, £3.5 million scheme is set to run for 12 months.