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3 big companies – with even bigger hearts

Words by Abi Scaife

This week for our business roundup, we’re showing you some big companies, with even bigger hearts.

Here are three businesses that are giving back to the planet, and to the community.


Ben and Jerry’s have long been known for their philanthropy. A certified B Corporation, Ben and Jerry’s was one of the first companies to put social mission at equal importance to profit.

The company has set up Ben and Jerry’s Foundations in both the US and UK, both of which they have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to in recent years. The money contributed to the Foundations help to work towards economic, social, and environmental justice, making our world a better place.

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Bombas is the name, and comfy socks are the game - but that’s not where it ends. With socks being the most requested item in homeless shelters and temporary accommodation, Bombas is making a huge difference in the world.

Working with their 3,500+ charity partners, for every pair of socks bought Bombas donates another, so that everyone can have access to warm, clean necessities, no matter who they are.

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A family run soap making business for 150 years, giving back has always been at the heart of Dr Bronner’s business. Also a certified B Corp, Dr Bronner focuses on social sustainability, organic integrity, and progressive business practices.

Dr Bronner supports a number of causes, including youth programmes and charities, regenerative agriculture, and animal advocacy. Through the company’s All-One International initiative a minimum of 1% of sales to Dr. Bronner’s participating international markets are donated to local efforts in support of social justice, environmental sustainability, and animal advocacy. Find out more.

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