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3 businesses benefitting the children of our future

Words by Abi Scaife

For our weekly business roundup this week, we're taking a look at businesses that benefit kids.

Featuring books, mental health resources, and toy donations - this is a feel-good list you don't want to miss.


Josie Dom became a children’s author in 2016, and from day one has donated 15% of profits from book sales to charity. In collaboration with Work for Good, which helps businesses donate in a legal and official capacity, Josie donates to Read for Good - a charity that gets books to underprivileged communities and into hospitals for children who stay there.

In 2021-2022, she pledged £300 and was able to donate £395 – and hopes to donate a similar amount for 2022-2023. She's currently planning an initiative to give books away in the community and hopes to be able to volunteer as a reading partner for schools in the future.


Absolute Digital Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency, that love to give back. They have strong connections with charities and recently donated over £250 worth of toys to Southend Hospital in response to their campaign to collect toys to hand out on the ward and to those visiting for X-rays.

They have also fulfilled an Amazon wish list to support Dogs On The Streets, sponsored a local soup kitchen by providing a night’s worth of meals per month, participated in Tough Mudder, and donated to Chess Homeless Charity. They'll be participating in the London Marathon this year, too. We love to see it!


After suffering from health anxiety from the age of six, Jenny Chesworth founded the Be Happy Hub, a mental health resource centre for children in the UK. When her own child began to show symptoms of anxiety, Jenny dedicated her life to making sure other children don’t grow up the same way as she did - by taking care of their anxiety from day dot.

The Be Happy Hub uses therapist-approved techniques, they make fun activities, worksheets and resources for children aged 0-11, and parents, and has a teen section launching in April 2023. They have over 500 resources that can help ease worries, teach coping mechanisms, explore emotions and much more.

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