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Words by Abi Scaife

It’s October which means it’s Black History Month - and one of the best things you can do to give back this time of year, is to support charities fighting for racial equality.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put a list together of four different charities, all working towards racial equality - throughout Black History Month, and beyond.

Race Equality Foundation.

The Race Equality Foundation is a national charity tackling racial inequality in public services. They’re fighting to make sure that all communities receive the support and help that they need to flourish.

The Runnymede Trust.

The Runnymede Trust is a charity that works by researching racial equality in Great Britain, looking at the data to figure out where racial injustice lies, and how to tackle it. 

Action For Race Equality.

This charity helps to support young people of colour, championing achievements and success, and helping to challenge poor and unfair practices. 

Black Equity Organisation.

BEO exists to promote equality for Black communities in Britain, whether that’s in the political sphere, legally, economically or socially. Through their efforts, they are supporting Black voices and communities across the UK.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Reduced Inequalities.

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