5 ideas for eco-friendly Christmas decorations

Avoid buying new plastic ball balls and tinsel this Christmas – it’s time to adapt your decorating to the climate-conscious world we need. 

Thankfully, eco-friendly decorations are fun, attractive and delicious, too! Here are five sources of inspiration to make your home beautiful without harming the beauty of nature.

Beautiful birds

The RSPB’s shop is selling charming bird-shaped Christmas tree decorations this year. If glass bluebirds, wooden robins and miniature felt binoculars aren’t enough to win you over, there’s the fact that buying these decorations helps the charity to protect wildlife and nature.

Homemade treats

Edible decorations are another zero-waste alternative that you can enjoy gobbling up when all is over and done. Try making gingerbread shapes, Christmas cookies or strings of dried fruit that will be too delicious to go to waste.

Second-hand stunners

Head to the charity shops and see what treasures others have forsaken that need a good home. Not only might you discover vintage or antique bargains, but you’ll also be supporting a good cause.

Foraged wonders

Step into the great outdoors to discover what stunning items nature can provide. Find mistletoe and ivy growing on trees or holly bushes, which are easy to spot – just be careful of those spikes. Bind up the branches to make a wreath, or simply wedge them in the nooks and crannies of your home. Just remember to dispose of everything in nature where they can decompose afterwards.

Souvenirs from last year

Finally, once the new year arrives and you start tidying everything away, collect your decorations and put them in a box for next year. As your collection builds, so do the memories and you won’t have to ever worry about waste.

Are you giving back this Christmas or committed to being zero-waste? We’d love to hear from you. Email [email protected]