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Bosch develops AI to fight pandemic

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Contrary to the negative image technology gets in TV series like Black Mirror, artificial intelligence can benefit people, sometimes even saving lives. Tech and engineering company Bosch is proving this with a range of new devices to help improve healthcare, presented at the international event for new technology, CES 21.

From among their new creations, a coronavirus test on a Bosch Vivalytic device delivers results with impressive speed. Compared to other tests that take up to a week to show results, medical workers can use it to evaluate five samples simultaneously in 39 minutes. Positive samples will show up in less than 30 minutes.

This puts the device on par with Covid-19 tests released in March 2020 by Oxford scientists, that also provide results in under 30 minutes.

The development of the Vivalytic system grew from a collaboration between Bosch’s corporate research and advance engineering, Bosch Healthcare Solutions, and the Robert Bosch Hospital.

Bosch board of management member Michael Bolle explained: “Bosch combines AI and connectivity to form the Artificial Intelligence of Things so it can improve energy efficiency and fight the coronavirus. AIoT offers enormous potential. We are already unlocking this potential and plan to expand our efforts in the future.” 

Innovating for health

The company also presented a portable haemoglobin monitor at CES 21. Detecting anaemia by means of a finger scan and delivering results within 30 seconds, the device will be useful for testing for red blood cell deficiencies in regions with insufficient access to medical care. 

From among its other innovations, Bosch showcased an air quality monitor to detect the concentration of aerosols, data which is useful in the struggle to contain Covid-19. 

They also presented a new type of security camera which can measure body temperature from afar and determine whether the number of people in a venue or shop complies with lockdown restrictions.

People over profit

If more companies developed products to serve people rather than simply generate profit, there are a number of benefits they would see. Being socially responsible not only bolsters a company’s brand. It can empower employees to do further good in their community, build morale and improve productivity.

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