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A candle that protects the planet

Words by Abi Scaife

This week, we’re going au natural for our weekly business roundup; think long walks in nature, think candles, think eco-friendly. 

So settle in, perhaps even light a candle, and enjoy.


AllTrails is an app which helps you get back into nature - in the best way. All Trails helps people of all abilities explore the outdoors for their mental health, with hand-curated trail maps along with photos, reviews.

Plus, AllTrails is part of 1% for the Planet, where a portion of every AllTrails+ membership purchase goes towards protecting nature. They also give 1% of their annual sales to nonprofit organisations focusing on nature and the planet.


Undo is on a mission to create ‘conscious fragrances’ that are unique and diverse and work in harmony with nature. They are incredibly clear about where each of their ingredients comes from and work with manufacturers who are just as passionate about the environment as they are, making these candles wonderfully eco-friendly.

Plus, they have brilliant scents based on all the different ecosystems on our planet - delicious!


Hoopsy is brilliant brand that sells eco-friendly pregnancy tests.

At 99% paper, these tests are biodegradable, and much better for the planet from beginning to end.

Their tests come in cardboard tubes, eliminating as much plastic as possible from every part of the process. Plus, they even have a fun, handy little guide for things to do with your cardboard tube after you’re done. They’re a female-owned, women’s-health-focused business that prioritises sustainability. We love to see it.

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