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A pizza company is throwing a coronation-inspired fundraiser

Words by Abi Scaife

The founders of pizza franchise CasaGees are looking to make a big donation on the coronation weekend.

Tell me more.

Rachael Willoughby and Elliott Richmond (AKA Mama Gee and Papa Gee) are the owners of the CasaGees pizza franchise, based in Gloucestershire. For the upcoming coronation weekend (5-6 May) they are looking to donate some serious dosh to a local cause or charity.

What else?

The pair are asking local people in Cleeve to nominate a local charity or cause they care about for their fundraising drive - Takeaway2Giveaway. The drive is all about marking the coronation of King Charles III, by helping to give back to their local community.

The plan is to donate half the turnover from all deliveries during the coronation weekend. Based on previous years, they expect the donation to be around £500!

The donation will be made within the week after the coronation, and the CasaGees hope that their money will go on to make a huge impact in the community.

If you want to nominate a local charity to receive the donation, you can do so on the CasaGees website.

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