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After viral video, 72-year-old woman can now retire

Words by Tess Becker

You might have seen a TikTok doing the rounds, showing a woman delivering pizza for Domino's to a home falling over and struggling to stand.

The family who witnessed it happen wanted to help the woman who it turns out was 72 years old and so, they turned to the internet.

Her story went viral. 

When she fell, she was more worried about the food she dropped instead of herself, and the family appreciated that and wanted to make a difference for her. 

Lacey Keighron and her family decided they were going to create a GoFundMe account to give Barbara Gillespie as much exposure as possible.

At the time of writing that GoFundMe has raised over $268,000 and soon after Barbara announced her two-week notice from Dominos. 

“We would like to bless her by bringing by a ‘tip’ to help her with anything she may need,” they write on the GoFundMe. “She is an older woman who fell and only cared about the food she dropped. Let’s show her some kindness and take off some of this burden that our economy is causing the older generations especially!!”

The moral of the story is if you see someone in need and you can lend a hand, do your best to help others!

Support the cause on GoFundMe here.

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