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Love Airbnb? Here's another reason to

Words by Abi Scaife

We all know and love Airbnb for letting us book blissful holiday destinations, without the impersonal backdrop of a hotel.

But today they’re in the news for something more than facilitating our beachside getaway.

Airbnb has donated a generous £1.25 million to English Heritage, a trust which maintains and protects some of England’s most important historical attractions.

Wow! Tell us more.

Well Amanda Cupples, from Airbnb, said they wanted to make the contribution to "benefit both local communities and tourists", so they can enjoy England’s cultural history, including hidden gems in some of the less-visited rural areas and countryside.

So, what does English Heritage actually do?

From Bolsover Castle to Stonehenge, English Heritage cares for over 400 historical sites and attractions in England - including ones you might know from TV and film.

Recognise the Bridgerton family home, anyone? Or maybe The Avengers at Dover Castle is more your speed?

The charity supervises both historical sites and artefacts, helping to preserve them so that they're available for future generations.

And they also help visitors to learn through a hands-on approach, encouraging a love of history in people of all ages.

Where will the money go?

The money donated by Airbnb will go towards making sure that English Heritage has the funds necessary to preserve these historical sites for years to come. Nice work.

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