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AJ and Curtis Pritchard join Smiley Charity Film Awards as ambassadors

Words by Abi Scaife

Well-known for their fancy feet, AJ and Curtis Pritchard are now making a name for themselves by giving back. Last year, they got stuck in at the Smiley Charity Film Awards, interviewing celebs and special guests about charity - and this year they are getting on board as ambassadors.

Ahead of the 2024 Smiley Charity Film AwardsSmiley News sat down with AJ and Curtis to learn more about why they are so keen to do good and encourage their fans to get stuck in.

“It comes from our parents, definitely,” says AJ of their philanthropic spirit. “Our mum has always [said] ‘If you have the opportunity or the platform to give back and to use it for good, it's always the opportunity to do that’.”

“In the world that we live in, if you are in a position where you can give your time, give a bit of money or even better help - do it,” encourages Curtis. “Because there's so much hatred and horrible things that happen in this world [but] it takes no energy to help somebody else out. 

"That could change their life … so give your time and put a smile on somebody else's face.”

With the idea of giving back drummed into them from a young age by their parents, it’s little surprise that AJ and Curtis are so generous today. 

“We went to a kid’s hospital, on Christmas Day and gave out Christmas presents. It wasn't press - it was just me, Curtis, mum, dad and handing out presents for four or five hours, walking around the hospital,” says AJ. 

“It makes us happy - we love it but I feel like sometimes you do get a little bit of like, ‘oh my god you're doing it for a certain reason’ - that's never been the case. We've always done this our whole life from [being] children and it's very important to me.”

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Over the years, AJ and Curtis have been associated with several charities - the British Dyslexia Association, Marie Curie and WellChild to name a few - but their passion for giving back extends even beyond these causes. 

The brothers are no strangers to loss or the curveballs that life can throw at you. In a tiny school, with classes of 10-15 children, they lost more than one friend and classmate - with tragedies like leukaemia, and freak accidents leaving them grieving. 

That’s just one of the reasons they’re keen to highlight charities that support the family and friends of those who have experienced illness and trauma - because these things take a toll on loved ones, too. 

Still, some of the biggest unsung heroes are the charities that lend their support, day in and day out. That’s part of the driving force behind the Smiley Charity Film Awards - not only to showcase and raise awareness of charities but to celebrate their achievements and their hard work.

“The people that work for the charities work so hard,” says AJ. “It’s nice to give [them] a pat on the back and be thankful [for them] because sometimes we all need it.”

“There's not a lot of money [going] towards charities - especially the little ones with two or three people that work for them,” adds Curtis. “That's why we need to spread the word to get more money to the smaller charities so they can continue making a difference.”

Earlier this year, AJ and Curtis visited the Smiley Charity Film Awards - and even got stuck in helping out on the yellow carpet! 

“Everyone was in such a good spirit - a happy spirit, but also such an emotional spirit,” says Curtis, reminiscing on the event. “We're all here because we're doing amazing things for amazing causes out there.”

“So truthfully, you walk into an event like that and you leave crying, but in the happiest way possible. And I think that's what's so amazing. It’s eye-opening.”

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For the 2024 Smiley Charity Film Awards, Smiley Movement is happy to announce that AJ and Curtis will be returning, this time as ambassadors. Additionally, on the night of the award ceremony - which will be taking place on International Day of Happiness 2024 - they will be presenting awards to some very lucky charities.

“We are honoured to join the Smiley Charity Film Awards and Smiley Movement as ambassadors this year,” says AJ, about their new role. “Film has an incredible ability to inspire and bring people together, and we are excited to be part of an event that harnesses this power for positive change. I can’t wait to see all of the nominees and winners on the awards night, it’s going to be a great evening for a great cause."

If you’re a charity that wants to enter the Smiley Charity Film Awards, you can do so by following this link. Once you’re on the Charity Film Awards website, it only takes a few minutes to enter - and it’s completely free.

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