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Amazing breakthrough in breast cancer vaccine

Words by Abi Scaife

There has been a huge breakthrough in creating a vaccine for breast cancer.

Amazing! Tell me more.

Cancer is an incredibly difficult thing to treat - because it comes from our own cells uncontrollably mutating. There are even many different types of breast cancer, and each one responds differently to treatment.

That being said, researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine just made a very promising breakthrough.

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The team recently published results of their study, which they have been working on for twenty years. Twenty years!

Anyway, these results were of the first phase of human trials for a plasmid DNA-based vaccine.

Not only have they found the vaccine to be totally safe, but it’s also very effective in preventing the growth of human epidermal growth receptor 2 (HER2) tumour cells.


These HER2 proteins are responsible for causing one of the most fast-acting and aggressive types of breast cancer. 

Lead author of the study Dr. Mary (Nora) L. Disis believes this is a huge breakthrough - and that the vaccine may even be used in clinics by 2030.

Incredible news!

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