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Amazon Alexa helps blind veterans find independence

Words by Abi Scaife

Amazon UK is launching the first ‘smart centre’ for blind veterans.

Sounds interesting! Tell me more.

Thanks to Amazon and Vocala, the charity Blind Veterans UK will be able to use Amazon Alexa devices at their Llandudno centre in Wales. 

Powered by Alexa Smart Properties, the technology at the centre will allow blind veterans more independence. 

How will it help?

It is hoped that with the help of Alexa’s voice-activated technology, veterans will find it easy to orientate themselves around the centre, as well as give them a way to access information, entertainment, and services. P

lus, it will benefit staff with new ways to communicate with the veterans and make announcements. 

Thanks to this fantastic new tech and the work of the brilliant charity, veterans suffering with sight loss will be able to find their independence again, and gain better access to so many important parts of life!

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