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Anonymous musician brings awareness to social causes

Words by Tess Becker

You don’t need to show your face to make a difference. A perfect example of that is White Dove, a woman who uses her music to bring light to causes that are important to her, all without showing her face.

To her, there wasn’t really a question about staying anonymous, it was just as simple as keeping her voice and mission as the central focus.

“I could give you a whole long answer, but the truth is, why not? Why would you? I mean, you're listening to my voice now, right? Does it really matter what I really look like?” White Dove tells Smiley News

Before she sang for causes close to her heart, she was a medic and incredibly world-traveled, living and working in six different countries including places like Somalia. There she was gravely wounded, and because of that she couldn’t go into the field and help people, and more specifically children like she did before. She began thinking of ways to help from afar, and turned to a former hobby of hers, singing.

She first started doing this while she was in the ward recovering from her injuries.

“I started to sing to them on the ward and then I realized that every day on my way out, all the children would all gather and start singing with me,” White Dove says.

She wants the image of White Dove to transcend herself and become an image of something that people can look up to along the lines of a comic book character. 

“[White Dove’s] the one who’s going to relay messages to children.” White Dove says. She’s going to teach them how to love, compassion, how to forgive all those things that, unfortunately, our society does not teach today.”

Something else she highlights is just because she’s anonymous, it doesn’t mean that she stops going to regions to help people. Just recently she went back to Somalia for example. 

“The truth of the matter is that I'm doing this for the children. For those who are really in crisis,” she says.

Her music itself ranges in topic and specifics attempting to raise awareness on everything from social issues, such as famine, poverty, human trafficking, and war on a global scale. She has her own recording studio and a future goal of hers is to allow people to request songs to be made about specific topics or issues to bring awareness to them.

Even though she’s not working as a medic anymore she still feels it shapes her and the way she approaches making a difference. 

“I’m still rescuing and still doing what I have to do, but in a very different way,” she says.

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