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Ireland's free income scheme to artists

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Artists in Ireland have received the exciting news that they can now apply for a “basic income” to support them and help boost the cultural sector in the country.

The Basic Income for the Arts (BIA) pilot scheme aims to support the arts by giving a payment of €325 (around £270) a week to artists and creative arts workers. It hopes to address the financial instability faced by many working in the arts.

The pilot scheme opened for applications on 12 April 2022 and will close on 12 May 2022. 2,000 eligible artists and creative arts workers will be selected at random and invited to take part in the pilot scheme.

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The Irish government have announced that the scheme will run over 3 years, from 2022 to 2025, and you’re eligible to apply if you are a: practising artist, creative arts worker, or recently trained applicant. 

You must also be 18 or over, able to show evidence of your creative practice or career in the arts, based in the Republic of Ireland, and tax compliant. 

Maureen Kennelly, Director of the Arts Council said: “Basic income aligns with the strategic priorities of the Arts Council. This is an innovative step towards enriching the cultural ecology in Ireland meaning the public will have more opportunities to enjoy high quality arts experiences.

"Artists from different social and demographic backgrounds will be more able to pursue a career in the arts. This is important because it means we get to hear a wider range of voices in the arts that better reflect contemporary Irish society.”

Find out more about how to apply.

Inspired to act?

SUPPORT: Helium Arts is an Irish arts and creativity charity aiming to bring arts to children who need it most. Find out how you can support.

VOLUNTEER: Arts Care is a leading regional Arts, Health and Well-being Organisation based in Northern Ireland, delivering a range of innovative and impactful participatory arts projects and arts events. They rely on donations


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