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Homeless man offers free haircuts in Seattle

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Sometimes all a person needs to get off their feet is a little kindness, and Seattle barber Randy Miller is trying to provide some of that kindness.

Going by BetheBlessing206 on social media, Randy spends his time offering free haircuts and shaves to homeless individuals in his area. A self-taught barber, he started with a single pair of clippers, milk crates as a chair and a trash bag that he cut a hole in for a barber’s cape.

Now, he carries a folding chair and has a barber’s cape adorned with a picture of Kobe Bryant. 

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Randy himself is homeless and it was that perspective that led him to help other people around him. He sees how people treat him and other homeless people and he wants to offer a little bit of a kinder perspective. 

“Love thy neighbor as thyself,” he tells Smiley News. “God told me if I want a blessing from him then I have to be a blessing to other human beings.”

He wants to use his work to help other homeless people and give back to the community around him. He also wants to highlight that some people can still be helpful and care about you when you’re homeless. 

“There are good people in the world,” he told the Seattle Times. “It’s easy to forget that when you’re homeless.”

Since starting his operation people all over the United States and as far as England and Germany have offered their support and donations. Those donations come through his Amazon, which he uses to get new equipment for his work. 

Randy feels inspired to do the work he does because he wants to offer what he would want from others. 

Inspired to act?

SUPPORT: You can browse through Randy's Amazon wishlist to see how you can support him.

DONATE: Or, Randy also accepts donations through Venmo and Cashapp which you can find on his Instagram.


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