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9-year-old raises $2k for humane society

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A boy from Boise, Idaho is making headlines for raising $2,000 for his local humane society, by doing what else than a lemonade stand.

Nine-year-old Ben Miller has been raising money for the Idaho Humane Society for a few years now, first $200, next $600, and this time over $1,100. Money which he delivers in cash in a large plastic bag.

“He has just always loved animals, everything from saving rolly pollies on our walks, to reptiles," Ben’s mother, Amy Miller told KTVB.

"He loves dogs, buts cats are his favorite. He would spend every dollar of that money adopting every cat here if I would let him. I'm so proud of him and his heart, he makes me so happy.”

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Ben has a love for all animals but has a particular soft spot for cats. 

“When we see kids on their own ask for donations it just means the world to us,” said Kristine Schellhaas, Communications Manager for IHS. “We are always in short supply of cat donations, and since Ben loves cats, we'll definitely use it to help cats! We are just so thankful. Thank you, Ben, thank you Ben's family, from the bottom of our hearts.”

The stand itself isn’t limited to lemonade, as Miller also sells lavender lemonade, cookies, and dog treats. His stand had a sign listing a $1,000 goal, something as mentioned before that he broke. 

The Idaho Humane Society is the largest and oldest operation of its kind in the state and completely relies on donations like that from Ben Miller.

The money will go to programs like the Community Cat Program which “is an initiative to increase the lifesaving efforts for cats in our community,” according to the Idaho Humane Society’s website.

Inspired to act?

SUPPORT: Check out the Idaho Humane Society, where you can look into all the programs they’re working on to help out their local animals.

GET INVOLVED: If you want to look into a broader humane society, support The Humane Society of the United States which is a network of coverage for animal care in the country.


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