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Betterverse: the charity-focused metaverse

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By now, we've all heard of Meta... the "next evolution of social connection". Well, how about if we told you there was also a "Betterverse" out there – one focused solely on charity?

The soon-to-be launched Betterverse is a virtual world to save our own, where you can donate to charities with the power of blockchain and get a picture of the good you do.

"It will bring charitable giving into the future of Web 3," they say. "The service will ultimately allow people to donate to any cause, and in return receive a unique NFT that captures and visualises the real world impact. It will provide multiple-level transparency and offer donors a range of additional rewards and entertainment." 

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Betterverse has been created with an international team of more than 15 technologists, creatives and advisors in 7 different countries across 5 continents. It is built on Polygon, a layer 2 protocol, close to the Ethereum blockchain but with low gas fees (operational fees). Polygon are working towards becoming the first carbon negative blockchain this year. 

It will feature a rich variety of NFT tree species, fungi and flora across four unique and fully explorable Biomes. In addition to this, the virtual world will also include exclusive tree collections from guest artists across the environmental, music, entertainment and art world.

How does it work?

For their first season – Trees – initial charity partners include some of the most-established names in the space, including, One Tree Planted, THG more:trees  and Tree-Nation.

People can donate to these charities in either traditional or crypto currencies, and will receive an NFT sapling that can continue to grow and give over time.

The donation’s full distribution details will be transparent, as will the impact made, from its contribution to biodiversity, to how much carbon is removed from the atmosphere. Every time the NFT is sold, additional funds are generated for the original charity.

The platform will be launching in late May 2022 and the fully interactive 3D metaverse will be available to explore by the end of 2022.

Inspired to act?

GET INVOLVED: Head to Betterverse's website to find out more details about its launch


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