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Could this be the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty?

Words by Abi Scaife

The Big Issue charity is launching an amazing new campaign calling for affordable housing, the end of in-work poverty and millions of green jobs. 

Great! How does it work?

The campaign, known as ‘Big Futures’, is backed by former prime minister Gordon Brown, activist and rapper Akala and the UK Metro Mayors. They have all signed an open letter to the government with three key points: create decent and affordable homes for all, end the low-wage economy and invest in young people, and build a greener economy and create millions of well-paid green jobs. 

Sounds reasonable! 

Exactly; the campaign has asked the government to commit to building tens of thousands of more affordable homes every year, as well as requesting a reform to the planning legislation that would mean unused buildings must be used for residential purposes.

Great, what else?

The campaign is pushing for better renters’ rights, including rent caps, an end to unfair evictions and more. This is in addition to pushing plans for a £15/hr minimum wage for everyone over the age of 18, and a call to invest in training young people in need of new jobs or job improvement.

What about the green economy?

Big Futures is urging the government to invest in green energy practices and the care economy, which would help create millions of jobs in the green sector. This would be a huge win, not just for the environment, but for the UK economy as well.

You can sign the open letter to the government on the Big Issue Website.

This article aligns with the UN SDG No Poverty and Climate Action.

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