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How singing bins are helping reduce litter

Words by Abi Scaife

'Bristol’s binning" is an innovative new initiative for the city of Bristol to reduce litter.

Bristol's binning?!

That's right. The Mayor of Bristol has collaborated with environmental charity Hubbub and the Bristol Waste Company to create a new anti-litter campaign. Named ‘Bristol’s binning’, the project includes brand new, charming bins being installed all over the city to encourage people to dispose of their waste properly.

It sounds interesting. But … charming?

50 bins are being installed across the city, some of which are brightly coloured or glow in the dark, others are decorated with puns and jokes and some even talk back to you when you use them. I mean, come on!

Okay, that does sound pretty great.

Doesn’t it? Some bins are even more interactive, allowing you to vote on incredibly important issues such as ‘Surf vs Skate’, ‘Drum & Bass vs Techno’ or ‘Casa Amor vs Main Villa’ depending on which hole you deposit your letter in.

Love it! (also, it’s Drum & Bass)

Us too! (also, it’s Techno)


Anyway! The whole project will be accompanied by a giant sculpture of a wave, made from 90kg of litter by eco-artist Wren Miller, with support from Bristol Council, Bristol Waste and Hargreaves Lansdown. The wave will sit in the harbour for two months, to remind people of what it’s all for; our environment.

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