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This city plans to totally decarbonise travel

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Bristol will soon be buzzing - not with the hum of traffic though, but with the silent waves of electrical energy powering the city’s transport.

This will include 250 new electric buses and 1,000 bicycle hangers, which will build toward the city’s plan to decarbonise its transport network.

Transport makes up a significant part of this plan, with Bristol City Council's cabinet expected to receive a government grant of £500,000 to help reach its goal.

The authorities are making a concerted effort to transition towards a green transport network because transport is one of the city's biggest sources of pollution.

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A third of all its emissions come from vehicles, according to government data. And over time, transport is one of the slowest sectors to reduce its emissions, having reduced by just under 10% - a lot lower than for other energy users such as industry, commerce and domestic households.

The plan also includes making freight more eco-friendly by building hubs outside the city centre from which riders can deliver goods by bicycle. 

There are also plans for a possible ‘zero emissions zone’ in the city centre.

Bristol recently announced its goal to become carbon neutral across energy use and vehicles by 2025, and for all other emissions by 2030. Following Extinction Rebellion’s protests in 2018, it declared a Climate Emergency and in 2020 published its One City Climate Strategy to become carbon neutral and climate-resilient. 

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