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'Cubs Club' helps preserve cheetahs

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Cheetahs are pretty important animals for our planet. They control the number of prey species in their ecosystem – their main prey are herbivores, so without cheetahs, these populations grow – which can cause problems. 

That's why the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK (CCF) creates awareness about the declining cheetah population, celebrates the cheetah as a species, and raises funds that are sent directly to the CCF Headquarters in Namibia to support their crucial conservation work.

"Cheetahs are the most endangered big cat species in Africa, with less than 7,500 remaining in the wild," they say. "Their main threats include the illegal wildlife trade, human wildlife conflict and habitat loss, and CCF run holistic, local community-focussed initiatives to reverse the cheetahs' journey to extinction."

The CCF runs a Cubs Club, which is a group of young cheetah enthusiasts who meet every other month and take part in group events, as well as arranging their own, to fundraise and raise awareness for cheetahs.

Throughout April, they ran a 30 day challenge for the Cubs Club where they all set themselves challenges based around the number 30. "We had people selling eggs, baking cakes, organising ping pong competitions, and doing sponsored bike rides, among other things, and collectively the Cubs Club raised over £1,100," they say. 

Juliet and Henry are two members of the Cubs Club, and made £30 from selling cheetah cupcakes. "We're so grateful for all your hard work, and also very jealous of everyone who got to eat these yummy treats! Thank you Juliet and Henry," the charity wrote on LinkedIn

How you can get involved:

RACE FOR CHEETAHS: Their upcoming event, Race for Cheetahs, takes place on 29th May - 12th of June. Participants join together to collectively travel 7,500km in any way they wish - running, walking, hopping, skating, swimming, cycling over a two week period and can join as an individual or a team. It's £20 to enter and all participants get one of our lovely sustainable t-shirts.

VOLUNTEER: People can also get involved by volunteering for CCF UK through their UK Cheetah Communities, which are based in the Midlands, Yorkshire and London/South East, or starting their own in the area that they live.

DONATE: People can also make individual or monthly donations, or sponsor one of their resident rescued cheetahs at CCF Namibia, or one of our livestock guarding dogs


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