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Doctor raises £2k 6 weeks after tumour removal

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At 24 years old, Claudia Laird – a paediatric nursing student at Leeds University – was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Her diagnosis, unfortunately, took some time, due to being dismissed by a few healthcare professionals. Thankfully, her mum Lynda went to bat for her daughter and got her the diagnosis and treatment she so desperately needed.

Since then, Claudia has been raising money for brain cancer research and, just six weeks after her diagnosis, had raised £2,000 for the Astrocytoma Brain Trust, and her local hospital where she received treatment.

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It was after this ordeal that Lynda nominated Claudia for the Melted Inside’s Quiet Hero award. Melted Inside, a food and drink marketplace, launched the Quiet Hero award to recognise the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The aim was to recognise peple who have made a special impact on the community – or on someone's life.

Claudia won £200 cash, and a £200 Melted Inside gift card, while Lynda received a £100 gift card as a thank you for her nomination.

“This means so much to me after such a tough year I've endured,” said Claudia. “All I want to do now is raise awareness of what happened to me so that it doesn't happen to others and they get diagnosed quickly. We need more awareness of the symptoms for patients, family and medical staff."

Since her diagnosis and treatment, Claudia has gone on to become an ambassador for The Brain Tumor Charity to raise awareness for cases like hers, where people may be dismissed because they are young or look healthy.

“Claudia is determined to raise awareness and funding for brain tumours and has made such a difference already with her social media posts helping others,” said Lynda, after Claudia won. “Her money raised and the impact she will have helping the local community and health trust could save lives.

"She has been determined and her recovery has been phenomenal due to her focus and bravery.”

Inspired to act?

DONATE: Give to the Astrocytoma Brain Trust, to help fund life-changing research for people like Claudia.

VOLUNTEER: If you want to support The Brain Trust you can even do it from home, by volunteering online.

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