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Rehomed chihauhua stars in charity show

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From the streets to the stage, a pup is raising funds for dogs just like her. Yes, really. 

Coco Chanel (no, not that one), formerly known as Cheeka, is a chihuahua who was found roaming the streets in Harrogate, and brought to Dogs Trust Leeds. After a short stay of just one week, she was happily rehomed.

She melted the hearts of everyone at the centre, and it was wonderful to see her rehomed so quickly,” said Amanda Sands, the Dogs Trust Leeds Centre Manager. 

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Husbands Andrew Fretwell and Andrew Ashley adopted Coco in June 2019 and in 2022 was cast in the hit musical ‘Legally Blonde’ as Bruiser Woods.

Coco performed in the production between Wednesday 27 and Saturday 30 April 2022 at the Theatre Royal in Wakefield

Thanks to her history, the Dogs Trust was chosen as a charity beneficiary of the performances and they raised an amazing £800 from donations. 

“We were open minded as to what we wanted to adopt but have always had big dogs historically, even both separately as children,” said Andrew Fretwell, one of Coco’s fur-dads. “However, when we arrived, we looked around and fell in love with this tiny little Chihuahua. We don’t know what life she led before, but we have made sure she lives like a queen now.”

The donations Coco raised from her Legally Blonde performances will go to helping take care of other dogs like her at the Dogs Trust find their forever homes.

Inspired to act?

DONATE: You can give financially to Dogs Trust to help support dogs like Coco who are searching for their home. 

GET INVOLVED: Charities like Dogs Trust are often in need of volunteers - from raising money in charity shops, to helping the animals directly.

SUPPORT: Sponsor a dog at Dogs Trust to help provide them with the essentials - or go one step further and consider adoption.

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