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Project gives cash to rainforest communities

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A lively new partnership is going to support communities living in the world’s biggest rainforests.

Appliance brand Haier and climate charity, Cool Earth, will work together to back people and local communities to protect the rainforests and contribute to the fight against the growing climate crisis. 

Cool Earth works with communities in some of the largest rainforests in the world including the Amazon, Congo and New Guinea. 

“We work with indigenous peoples and local communities whose ancestors have lived in rainforests for thousands of years – these people are the real rainforest experts," says Lauren Vyvyan, Cool Earth’s Business Partnerships Manager. "They have the knowledge to help protect these precious environments.” 

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“Together, Cool Earth and Haier will champion the relationship between people, the rainforest, and the climate," adds Lauren. "We are excited to be partnering with Haier, working together to back people and help fund projects that create choice, tackle the root causes of deforestation and protect vital carbon sinks over the long-term.”

Cool Earth provides cash directly to rainforest communities. A recent project in partnership with Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and local communities in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia is an example of what can be achieved:

:: 120,634 acres are being protected by the people living in the Cardamom Mountains.

:: 84 people were trained to start businesses raising chickens for food and for sale. 

:: 103 people were trained in adaptive farming.

:: 40 additional farmers were trained during the harvesting and planting seasons.

Lauren adds: “With our help, local communities will continue to adapt to the climate pressures to protect their home and their way of life. New approaches are needed to adapt to changing conditions and tackle food security, create sustainable incomes, provide better health care and resilience for communities.” 

Jim McEwan, Chief Commercial Officer UK & Ireland at Haier, adds: “This is an immensely important partnership for us. The protection of our rainforests is key to the fight against climate change. We are proud to announce our partnership with Cool Earth and look forward to funding projects in the local communities in the rainforest where most help is needed.”

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