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Company offers all 5,400 employees a $5k bonus

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As life has started to return to some normalcy following the Covid-19 pandemic, people around the world have been hit with soaring gas prices. In the US, inflation is sitting at 8.3%, the highest rate in 41 years.

The cost of gas and the high inflation have trickled down to prices all over, showing up in the grocery stores, clothing stores, and obviously at the gas pump.

After easing a bit, gas, in particular, has started another upward trend, breaking the record for the national average. The average cost for a gallon of gas is now over $4 in every state.

To help ease some of the burdens, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has offered every one of its 5,400 employees a $5,000 bonus.

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Resort President and CEO Bill McBeath made the announcement on stage at an employee appreciation luncheon. Over 2,500 employees were in attendance and they expected that only one person was going to get the bonus.

The commitment is estimated to cost $27 million.

Other companies are contributing to their employees as well. BambooHR offers its employees $2,000 travel credit each year.

During the pandemic, PepsiCo offered many employees, primarily those shipping products an extra $100 a week, and a full salary for two weeks to anyone that came down with or was exposed to Covid. 

Inspired to act?

SUPPORT: Many people are in need of support right now. More than anything inflation and gas prices have caused food costs to skyrocket and the hunger crisis to deepen. You can support Feeding America, which hopes to bridge that gap.

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