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Support helps disabled people cut energy bills

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A unique campaign has launched to support people who access and deliver social care to cut their energy bills.

With disabled people frequently paying more than double the energy bills of the wider public – and many social care workers struggling with escalating prices – the Taking Charge campaign offers vital free support at this most difficult of times.

Created by charity Community Integrated Care, Taking Charge is designed to support the social care sector to minimise the impact of the growing energy crisis. It offers free live webinars, engaging videos, and a suite of accessible education resources. 

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The programme has a vital purpose.

Disabled people and people who access social care typically face far higher energy usage than the wider population. With many people using assistive technologies to live with greater independence, needing warmer houses or having around the clock support, there are multiple factors that see many people who access social care facing significantly higher energy bills. Similar cost of living challenges are also faced by social care workers.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, Taking Charge takes a light, upbeat and inclusive look at how to save money. The campaign is led by Oliver Thomason, who has a learning disability and works for Community Integrated Care.

From creating a mock horror film, where Oliver shares the energy draining Vampire Devices lurking in most houses, to finding his perfect shower song, it offers an engaging approach to education. 

John Hughes, Director of Partnerships and Communities at Community Integrated Care, says: “As one of Britain’s biggest social care charities, we can see all too clearly the impact that the energy crisis is having on the social care sector.

"We are proud to supporting people through these challenges with a such a creative campaign, that brings to life a range of practical ways that people can reduce their energy bills. Research shows that people who follow our guidance can save hundreds of pounds on their bills, so the potential impact of this campaign is huge."

Inspired to act?

GET INVOLVED: You can visit and access the free support, or forward this information to someone in need.

SUPPORT: Find out the charities helping people during the cost of living crisis

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