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8 charities tackling the cost of living crisis

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While the cost of living in the UK is rising faster than it has done for 30 years– and news about further increases in October 2022 – organisations are working hard to support those worst hit. 

For some ideas on where to turn for help, or ways to support others, here are some of the key sources of advice, grants and support for people struck by hiked costs.

Financial advice


A national charity offering free advice, Turn2Us connects those struggling financially with the help that’s available. Their resources include a benefits calculator to check someone’s eligibility for government support, a database of grants and a helpline to seek advice. Donate. Get support.

Step Change

For those struggling with debt on top of this crisis, Step Change offers free advice, linking those struggling with financial support and respite periods to cope with the stress of debt. Get support.

Money Advice Trust

Money Advice Service also tackles debt, offering free practical self-help. Thanks to funding from a range of establishments, the charity enables individuals and businesses to apply for support schemes and take the necessary steps to get out of debt. Get support.

Help for renters

London Renters Union

By joining the London Renters Union tenants gain access to a network of people willing to support one another. For those facing the prospect of eviction or extreme rent increases, the union can help by challenging any such injustices. Join now. Get support.


Acorn is the national renters union for people in the UK and carries out a similar role to the London Renters Union. Additionally, they host a range of talks offering in-depth advice about renting. Donate. Join now.

Cut your energy bills

National Energy Action

This UK charity helps vulnerable and disadvantaged people struggling with their energy bills. As well as offering advice and support, they lobby the government to improve policies to tackle energy poverty. Donate. Get support.

Energy Saving Trust

For those wondering how to make their home energy efficient, the Energy Saving Trust is a reliable source of advice. From roof insulation to using your thermostat most effectively, the charity can explain how best to cut your energy use and therefore, also your bills. Get support.

Food charities

Independent Food Aid Network

Across the UK there is a growing network of food banks, food distribution charities and local support hubs. To find one nearest to where you live, search the Independent Food Aid Network’s interactive map. Donate.


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