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Countertop composter tackles food waste

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Helping households combat food waste, sustainable Canadian company Pela is crowdfunding to develop an innovative countertop composter. The device transforms organic waste into nutritious plant food to spread on your garden or indoor plants. 

Currently reaching close to £5 million, the fundraiser will help launch the appliance into the consumer market, opening access to this handy food waste solution. 

“We are blown away with the success of the crowdfunding campaign,” said senior account supervisor at Lomi Olivia Moore. “However, we are also not surprised - the amount of money raised demonstrates that people are eager to live a more sustainable and waste free lifestyle.”

Without emitting any unwanted odors, the appliance creates compost using three natural ingredients: heat, abrasion and oxygen. It accelerates the breakdown of organic waste, similar to how earthworms breakdown plant fibres into the soil. Excitingly, this also includes certified compostable packaging.

“Lomi actually consumes more than food waste: you can also feed it bioplastics, other waste and our very own branded Pela phone case, while also reducing carbon footprint. Additionally, Lomi's sleek design makes it aesthetically pleasing,” explained Olivia.

Building your household’s sustainability

The composter is the first of such devices to offer different options for how you break down your food waste or compostable packaging, with three cycle speed options depending on what you put into it. You can also rest easy that it requires minimum energy; using it twice a week for a year will consume one-fifth of the energy used by a refrigerator certified by the international energy efficiency programme Energy Star.

It has the potential to permit households to reduce their waste by around 50 per cent, improving your impact on the environment by cutting your carbon footprint in addition to how much you send to landfill.

“Our overall goal is to make waste management more approachable for those across the globe,” Olivia said. “When we recycle, we know it 'goes' somewhere but we're not sure 'where' is. Waste and 'where it goes' is so important, however, many find it to be a complex subject and avoid it altogether. 

“Lomi is going to single-handedly change that and we cannot wait for customers to receive their product.”

Products for the planet

Lomi builds on Pela’s track record for sustainability gadgets. The company launched eight years ago, creating the world’s first compostable plastic phone case. Since then they’ve produced millions of products and have saved 48 million plastic bags worth of plastic from ever being produced.



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