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D.C. ice cream shop wants to be a bright spot in its community

Words by Tess Becker

There’s no better feeling than having a cold ice cream on a warm day – and that’s something that Charles Foreman, the owner of Everyday Sundae, wants to be available to everyone.

Charles makes sure that everyone who walks through the door can get an ice cream cone whether they have money or not. He says he can tell when someone is a little down in the dumps and offers them free ice cream.

“You know when they come in, you can see it,” Foreman told “It was naturally in me to (notice) some of the kids have it and some of the kids don’t have it. So I’m gonna sponsor them.”

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Charles was working as a corporate chef until the pandemic, as it did for many things, forced a drastic shift in his career plans. 

After thinking about his next plan he decided to open his ice cream shop in July 2021. He wanted to bring some cheer to D.C. amid constant rumblings of crime.

“You know, they say that an ice cream shop in your neighborhood is an indication that the neighborhood is turning around, and that things are getting better,” Foreman said.

“Anybody that knows this area knows Kennedy Street is not the most cordial area, it can get dicey out there, let’s put it that way. So that was it. I just wanted to be right dead center in my community and do something that was positive.”

In general, Charles just wants to be a bright spot in his community. 

“Charles hopes to fill a void in the local community and give it a place they can call their own,” his website states. “His goals are to make his mom proud and to lead by example for his sons and community members, showing them that anything is possible.”

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