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Climate phone booths: what you need to know

Words by Smiley Team

If you live in London – or in Paris – you might have seen a bright green phone booth pop up in the city.

So, what is it all about?

Well, creative agency Here Be Dragons, alongside The Climate Psychologists, have teamed up to produce ‘Dial4Climate, an activation series that seeks to raise awareness of climate change, while also alleviating climate anxiety. 

‘Dial4Climate’ is a pop-up phone booth. Inspired by emergency SOS motorway call booths, the installation invites the public to pick up the phone, at which point they will be given a series of messages on how they can alleviate climate anxiety. Climate anxiety - fear paralysis on how one’s own contribution can help reduce climate impact - is an increasing syndrome globally. Overcoming fear and the sense of being overwhelmed, can turn anxiety into positive action for the planet.

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The project saw the creation of the accompanying website Dial4Climate which serves voice recordings from Megan Kennedy-Woodard and Dr Partrick Kennedy-Williams (The Climate Psychologists) which can help manage the anxiety. 

The booth debuted at Change Now, the largest for the planet, which took place in Paris 19-21st May, while also appearing in London’s Shoreditch. Throughout the year the booth will journey to wherever climate change is being discussed or wherever it is most evident in the world.

Paul McEntee, Here Be Dragons CEO said: “Here Be Dragons believes in navigating bravely and finding creative ways to tell stories that matter. We love what the Climate Psychologists do and how they conduct their important work, so we wanted to find a way for that to manifest itself in a physical product.

"We were inspired by the emergency phone booths on motorways and it felt like a great way to connect the consumer with the much needed advice on how they can help save the planet.”Inspired to act?

FIND OUT MORE: You can head to Dial4Climate website to do a quick breathing exercise and hear some tips. 

TAKE ACTION: Want to get involved with a nonprofit working to combat the climate crisis? Head to the Climate Coalition

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