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Did you know drones could literally save lives?

Words by Abi Scaife

Drones over Snowdonia could soon be saving lives in remote areas, by providing mobile signal.

Mobile signal? Really?

It sounds simple, but it’s true - in remote areas, such as on the peaks of Snowdonia, the terrain means that getting signal is a real shot in the dark. Not being attached to your phone isn’t always a bad thing (#disconnect ), but if you’re climbing a mountain, being able to call for help is hugely important.

Wow, so it’s a big deal.

Yep - this is about more than just FaceTiming your grandma from the top of a mountain. This is about people who may be injured or lost being able to reliably contact rescue services so they can get the help they need.

Right, so, how's it going to work?

Well the first thing you need to know is that the drones are called ‘Dragon’ drones. These ‘Dragon’ drones can ‘loiter’ above the mountain peaks for four to five hours at a time - though the minds behind the project are hoping to extend this to twelve hours.

The drones will provide mobile coverage to those on the mountain so they can make contact in an emergency.


Mountain rescues in Wales can have hundreds of calls each year for people who are lost, injured or otherwise in need of assistance.

It’s hoped that, by making help more easily accessible, mountain climbers will be safer as they enjoy the nature our beautiful little island has to offer.

This article aligns with the UN SDG Good Health and Wellbeing.

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