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4 disabled activists you should be following

Words by Smiley Team

In celebration of Disability Pride month throughout July, we wanted to round up some wonderful online disabled activists whose content we love!

These people have a platform to raise awareness, reduce inequalities, and empower people with disabilities themselves.

You can follow them on Instagram – as well as other places on the internet – and see their incredible work for yourself.


Jessica is a disabled YouTuber and content creator who advocates for deaf and disabled visibility. Recently she has focused on her experiences as an LGBTQ+, disabled parent and giving parenting tips for those who, like her, are not able-bodied.


Kate is an ambulatory wheelchair user who owns her own inclusive dance studio. She is a model, dancer and activist who set up her own charity called Project Parent, which provides gift bags for the parents of chronically ill children at Christmas. 


Jenni is a disabled model and creator who provides her followers with chronic illness hacks and mobility aid tips. In her posts, she often includes her thoughts about disabled access in the places she visits, such as theatres, and whether or not they are up to an acceptable standard.


Eddi is a disabled activist, from South Africa, as well as an advocate for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He strives for visibility and acceptance for disabled people, and to create a better, more inclusive world for those with disabilities.


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