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Doctor who invented 18 medical devices

Consultant Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi is not your typical healthcare professional. He's also an entrepreneur.

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4 months ago
Since 2010, Bangalore-based Dr Chaturvedi, has co-invented 18 medical devices to help address inefficiencies he's spotted in the Indian healthcare system.

And he's part of a growing band of professionals who are using their frustrations at work to come up with money-making ideas to solve their problems.

He came up with his first idea before he even qualified in 2008 when he was still training to be a doctor.

Now a fully qualified ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist he remembers the rudimentary conditions in rural India where he learned his craft.

"We were using long mirrors and headlamps to check patients, whereas my hospital had a flat-screen TV and more advanced technology," he recalled in his book, Inventing Medical Devices - A Perspective from India.

So he came up with the idea of a portable ENT endoscope with a digital camera attached.

But he found that being an entrepreneur was very different from being a doctor.

"Being a doctor and not having training on how to make a product, I really struggled, so I licensed it out to a design firm," he says.

He got full backing from senior professors in the ENT department which was vital as he was missing training days to get out and meet investors. His colleagues had to pick up his work load which, unsurprisingly, caused resentment.

Original article by Suzanne Bearne - source BBC
Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash
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