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8 ways to celebrate Earth Day 2022

Words by Smiley Team

Today in the US, it's illegal for companies to spew out clouds of smoke and pollute the environment with toxic chemicals. The vital legislation and organisations that ensure this came out of Earth Day, an awareness event on 22 April launched in 1970 to build public support for protecting ecology and the climate.

Since then, the event has been celebrated every year for over half a century with numerous eco startups launching, environmentalists taking action, and campaigners spreading awareness. 

Anyone can join Earth Day through hundreds of events taking place across the world. Here are the eight main ways you can get involved this year.

Join in with climate activism

From tackling plastic pollution to planting trees, numerous campaign groups - old and new - are looking for fresh recruits. Build their people power and add your voice to important initiatives near to you.

Find activist events near you.

Get creative with arts and crafts

People of all ages can get involved with a huge range of arts and crafts events linked to Earth Day. These include exhibitions, workshops and giant artistic displays designed to highlight environmental causes.

Find artists for the Earth events near you.

Help clean up your local area

Sweep through your neighbourhood while meeting like-minded environmentalists on one of Earth Day’s many cleanups.

Find a cleanup near you.

Support a conservation project

Around the world, conservationists are working hard to protect and restore nature. Earth Day’s conservation events give you the chance to hear firsthand how they are conducting this vital work.

Find a conservation event near you.

Participate in a faith event

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or aligned with any other faith, Earth Day will feature a great variety of events for you to connect spiritually with nature, wildlife and the climate.

Find a faith event near you.

Plan for the planet

If you have the drive to get stuck in, launching exciting, new initiatives, Earth Day’s planning events will be for you. Whether you’re a tech whizz or an outreach pro, your skills will be much appreciated by fellow environmentalists.

Find a planning committee near you.

Enjoy a presentation or film screening

Sit back and absorb the facts at a presentation or film screening. Experts around the world will share their thoughts at talks on 22 April, while pop-up cinemas and venues will show films about environmentalist causes.

Find a presentation or film screening near you.

Discover new information at a teach-in

Hear from experts in sustainability, climate science and many other environmental fields at a teach-in. This could be your chance to get a free education in the eco cause that you’re most passionate about.

Find a teach-in near you.


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